Light or Dark?

Star Wars the old republic There is much controversy over the subject of which side of the force is better. There is really no wrong or right choice, really just personal preference. Both sides have their pros and their cons. In this blogpost today, we will give you all the necessary information about each side, so you can be fully educated when making your decision.

Probably the most important aspect you have to focus on when choosing a side of the force is really reflecting on yourself as a gamer. Are you a person who enjoys more destruction and action in your gameplay? Or do you prefer having peace and preservation of life?

Upon going on the path of the sith, you can expect to enjoy a ton of action pact combat situations. From a fighter’s standpoint, this is the way to go because with the dark side you get many more awesome attack powers than you do as a Jedi. Attacks such as, force lightning, force choke, drain life, and many others. Not to mention you get to have the awesome color of yet as your lightsaber color.

Another sweet aspect of being Sith is all the awesome outfits. Dark Jedi’s have the option to wear these sick black sith robes that actually enhance their force powers and make them stronger. Here at the old republic credits, we find the dark side clothing to be much more appealing. Our friends over at (Carpet Cleaning Salem) think the opposite though. Which is why we will now move conversation over to the light side. Continue reading

Planets guide

Star It’s been a few days now, and we are coming back with a guide about planets today. Basically what you can expect when on each planet and how to prepare for it. It is very important to know what challenges lay ahead of you when visiting an unfamiliar place. In this guide we will give a brief overview of each territory as well as information on what types of enemies there are, and many other factors.

There are more planets in the old republic galaxy than you can put on all of your fingers. Therefore we will information on a list of the top five planets that we have deemed the most important to know about.

1. Hoth– This barren ice plant is a very harsh environment that is a nonstop winter. With virtually no life this place makes a great battlefield for both sides. On this planet you can expect to encounter many different enemies when you are roaming around on your quests. There was once a giant battle that went on between the Darkside and the light side on this planet, leaving It in devastation. There are many very technological military bases that have been abandoned on Hoth that the sith have taken over and use to their advantage.

When you’re on this planet, keep a lookout for various traps and or enemies. There are many of them hidden in the snow.

2. Nar Shadda– This is one of the most corrupt planets in the whole galaxy. It is run by the underground markets. There’s one thing you can find that isn’t illegal. When you’re here, you must pay very close attention to your surroundings. You cannot trust anybody on Nar Shadda, simply because everybody is either A wanted fugitive or a gangster.

You can expect to get ripped off and cheated. There are many lights and distractions so it is very easy to get lost. The lower down into the planet you go, the crazier and darker things get. There are unimaginable horrors in the lowest levels. From wild rancor monsters, to talking pig men, there’s nothing normal you should be expecting.

3. Korriban– Known as the home to the sith itself. This planet is one of the scariest you could imagine. If you are republic, you’d better watch yourself. Just about every person you run into will try to kill you. Korriban has the oldest sith civilization out of any other planet in the universe. They established theirselves here thousands of years ago in the Star Wars time line. It holds the tombs to all of the most revered Sith Lords to have ever lived.

On the contrary, if you chose the darkside as your home when you started the game. This is the greatest planet for you. Korriban Will provide all of The things necessary for you to become a great Sith Lord.

4. Taris– Once destroyed by the almighty dark lord of the sith, Darth Malak. Taris is now an abandoned dump that is bearing new life. Overtime in the old republic story, this place begins to rebuild it’s civilization. Eventually it thrives again with its high beaming towers and sophisticated technology.

When visiting, you can expect no harm to you. The environment is very Dossile as the people are all very friendly and harmless. It is one of our favorite places to visit because they have exciting fighting tournaments that you can compete in. If you win the matches, there are very considerable amounts of money as prizes.

Yet again everybody, thank you all for tuning in once more.

What about KOTOR 3?

We all remember the good old days with the original knights of the Old Republic video games. Those are probably the best Star Wars game ever made and they’re ultimately what led up to the creation of the Star Wars the old republic MMORPG.

Today’s post goes off track a little bit of what we’ve been talking about lately. But we really feel like it is time to address this matter because it’s been something that hasn’t been settled yet. Recently a few members from the blog were looking around for information on KOTOR 3, and we found some interesting news. They were actually saying in an article that the third game had almost actually come to full completion. Due  to some constraints though with the company Lucasarts, the project was ultimately canceled.
We found this to be some very sad news. The way the second game ended just was not enough. They left us with such a terrible cliffhanger. It was kind of a sad ending with the exile flying off into space looking for Revan again.
We still were not satisfied with what we had found, so we continued to dig a little more. What we found out was astonishing. We stumbled across one more article and a few videos explaining that another development company has actually decided to take on the project once again. After reading this we were ecstatic about what the future has to hold for Star Wars. Although it’s just an idea so far, people are going to rave over this. It’s been almost 12 years since the last game came out for the Xbox. We’ve all been waiting way too long, and it’s about time that they got their heads out of their asses and started working on it again.
We would just like to take a minute to thank you guys for all your support and feedback with us. Keep your eyes peeled because on top of SWTOR, We will have updates weekly on news about KOTOR3

Starships and whatnot

Hey dudes we are back and we will be talking about another top rating post here except this time it’s about the starships you can use. There are many different shapes to choose from in the game and it might be hard for you to find the right one. So therefore we are writing today about our top picks in the details of them. So that maybe we can help you guys out a little in your selection.

The first up is The freighter. If you’ve ever played the Knights of the Old Republic game that came out in the early 2000’s. You will notice that the ship looks a lot like the Ebonhawk. This is the fastest shipping the galaxy so you can get to your destination in the blink of an eye. Being extremely quick and very efficient on fuel, we recommend this ship for anybody who has a large party and needs to carry a lot of equipment with them. Suited with the full defense system was top-level energy shields and 16 full mounted autosensing Tourette’s. You can definitely feel safe as you cruise across the galaxy in comfort and style.  Continue reading

Weapons and force powers

Today we are coming out with an article about the best weapons and force powers to use for combat situations. Today’s post will be a quick one, just an overview of the top rated weapons.

When choosing your weapons and force powers you have to be wise because some are worthless. Below we will give you the top three weapons and then a top three for the force powers.
1) Single bladed light saber: we all know that the light saber is by far the number one rated weapon in all star wars history. Being able to deflect lasers, cut through anything, and be thrown a great distances. This fantastical light sword will get the job done for just about anything you needed to do. The reason why we say the single bladed saber versus may be a double bladed is because it’s one handed. That gives the Jedi and it vantage because he has his other hand free to hold something like a shield, giving him a higher defense rating. In addition the light saber is the only weapon that is able to be powered up so to speak. You have the ability to find stronger crystals till I see him or which in turn can boost the attack power of it significantly. Not to mention you can change the color anytime you please.
2) The Vibroblade. This razor sharp sword is so amazing because it is the only place in Star Wars history that’s made out of A metal that a light saber cannot cut through. This gives regular soldiers if they dare…… to actually have a fighting chance with a Jedi or Dark Jedi. Another upside is that the attack level of this blade is very high so it doesn’t take a whole lot of hits on an enemy to kill them. A big downside though is that it is an extremely heavy sword so unfortunately the wielder cannot swing it very fast.
3) Sniper Blaster: The funny name makes it sound fictitious but this is actually a real gun in the game. This is a long range sniper rifle with a very strong laser that is extremely accurate, and has the ability to be charged for extra damage. Using this blaster gives soldiers an advantage when shooting at jet eyes because of its range. This allows the shooter to be a very safe in faraway distance from the dangerous force users. Before we move to the next section though we would like to take a moment to thank everyone over at (gadget review) for ideas.
Top 3 Force Powers
1. Choke- you’ve got to hand it to this one because you’ll be able to use it on somebody no matter how far the distance. It is unavoidable as well. So that means no matter how strong in the force your opponent is you will always be able to choke them out without even touching them. The con is that it uses a lot of force energy and each time, so use it wisely.  Continue reading

The beginning

Welcome everybody! This will be our first post on a walk-through. We are very excited for this because we will be able to help you guys get started. We apologize to those of you that are experienced because this walk-through will start from the beginning. With the written portion here is a step-by-step video of what the gameplay actually looks like live.

You will start out on either a republic or sith ship, depending on which side you choose to go with. From there it will take you into your own character customization. After you will go run the ship and learn The controls of your basic movements so you know how to play the game. Moving back to the character creation though, it is going to present you with many different classes to choose from.

The first class will be the Jedi or Dark Jedi knight. This is more of a warrior driven class. Slower, but with stronger attack powers. They are generally more methodical with their approach the situation of combat. This class will generally be better with a light saber than any other. You will also get an arsenal of force powers to choose from. The Knight spends many years training their mind on body to be in sync with one another to perfect their skills on the battlefield. This class is one that we recommend for more of an advanced level player of the game.

The next one is The smuggler. This class is one that is more light on its feet. This character can move very swiftly being heard or seen and has a very fast attack pattern. One big downside to it is the inability to carry heavy objects. So if you’re one of those guys who loves to go around and loot everything you’ve previously killed it will not be so great for you.

The last one we will mention in this blog post is the sith warrior. This character class is a very ruthless individual who kills for closure and gets what they want by using The power of the force for destruction. We recommend this class for anybody who is a power-hungry individual and likes to use Force powers that cause mass amounts of damage. The warrior is probably the most powerful class in the lineup because of the fact that it is very offense oriented. You can probably guess then there is one big pitfall, and that is the defense is extremely low.

There are many more classes to choose from in the ones we have listed already but if we were to talk about the mall we could go on all day. We recommend you do is choose choose the class the best reflects your gaming personality. No matter what you choose though, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore making them all in about the same level in the end.

So after you have successfully picked your class take some time (preferably a couple hours) to really play around with your character and learn everything you can about your abilities. After this you will continue to go on to the first mission.

The first mission takes place on the planet Koriban. This is the part of the story where the epic battle between sith and the republic takes place. Unfortunately for those of you who choose to be on the Darkside….. You will not like this first part very much. While on the planet you are going to go through an extensive period of time accomplishing many different objectives. It will eventually lead up to the victory for the empire with that forces the sith into hiding.

After reading this segment and watching the video we have provided for you guys. We believe that you will be able to go through the first part of the old republic storyline with ease.

Go ahead and choose whichever side of the force best suits you and lookout for the next article we will be writing.

Some old republic news

Starwars Old Republic Cover


Today will be a shorter post. We will be sharing the latest updates of what has been going on with The Old Republic. The biggest news in a while for the franchise has been the release of the new add on called “Knights of the fallen empire.” We have had a bit of time to go over this add so that we can review a little for you guys. We are sure that as you can tell by the title, that this is a new story line where the tables have now turned and the republic have lost and the sith have their former glory again. We do not want to give any spoilers, but this new story is full of twists and turns that will just make you fall in love with the game all over again. There are so many hours of new game play added because of this, that it will make your eyes pop out of your head. In addition, a very large Arsonal of new weapons, planets, levels, and character traits have been added into the mix. These new features were implemented so that all you players out there will have something mew and fun to play around with. There has been so much more value than we thought would be added before we had a chance to go through the new game play. We really have to say that we are thoroughly impressed by the changes that have been made. The developers are taking a new rout to how this are going to play out this time around as well. On top of the purchasable add on just released, they will be releasing new content at no extra charge on a monthly basis from here on out. With all of the amazing things that have happened in the past few months. We are very excited for the future of Star Wars The Old Republic.

So that was our brief overview today of what has been going on lately. If anyone has any questions, please send a message to us. If you are a new audience member and this is the first post you’ve seen. Go ahead and check out our first two articles: Welcome to our site and A little about the old republic. Like we have said in the past, we will be turning out new content regularly so make sure to keep an eye out.

A little about the old republic

Star Wars The Old Republic is undoubtedly one of the greatest games ever created. It takes place a few thousand years before the current star wars franchise. It has to do with the Sith empire taking over the republic (like usual) right after the Darth Revan and Malak timeline. In this story some of the most epic things happen. The game is full of a tonne of plot twists. In our opinion it is probably the best game and story ever created in star wars history. We would really like to take time the acknowledge the creators of the game ( Many thanks to SWTOR ) Without them we wouldn’t have been able to create this blog for you guys.

Anyway, the republic end up almost destroying the Sith, so they end of having to lay low for a while to give themselves to recover from such an utter defeat. For some time while the sith are gone, the republic live in peace and harmony, but eventually the sith regroup and a new threat has arose at this point. The Sith took advantage of laying low for a while because it made the republic think that they were pretty much out of existence. At this point they hit the republic hard with a surprise invasion, taking over many planets in one go. Now the Sith have gained much of their future glory back, but they must not think so foolishly because they are still nothing compared to the size of the empire yet. After the successful takeover the Sith continue to advance on the republic over time. The battles continue to go on for many years and both sides keep growing bigger and bigger leaving more destruction in their path as they do so. Later on something amazing happens, and that is Darth Revan shows his face again, which marks a huge turning point in the story. Revan soon takes control of the dark side once again and becomes one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. With Revan’s influence attached to the sith empire, people begin to join in the masses causing it to grow larger than ever before. Eventually the scale of the sith grows twice that of the republic. Now the light knows that they are in huge trouble and they begin to panic. Not knowing what to do, they act out of desperation and go to attack the sith head on with everything they have. An absolutely epic battle takes place as both sides see many deaths of their soldiers. But unfortunately for the republic, their forces could not match up that of the sith. Once again lost on what do to and where to go,they are forced to retreat, but this does not hold them back for long. The conflict between the two sides is a never ending battle and this is just a brief overview of the story. There is so much to it that we could talk for days on end about the subject. The awesome thing about it, is that the story line is never ending because the developers are always adding new content. So you guys can rest assured that you will definitely never run out of game play.

That is the whole story of The Old Republic in a very small nutshell. We will be adding much more content throughout the days, so remember to stay tuned.

Welcome to Our New Site Everybody

Star Wars LightsaberHey guys, welcome to our new website here called Star Was Republic Credits. We just wanted to say hola to you.

You read about the upbringing of our blog right here.

The reason we are writing this blog is so that we can be your key resource for all your star wars the old republic needs. We will be sharing all of the updates that go on with swtor, guides and walk-through’s of how to complete new missions, as well as all of the latest news with the old republic.

We will make sure to take constant notes on exactly what is changing with swtor so that you guy’s will never have to feel lost when playing again. If you are reading an article in the blog and you still do not understand something you can get in touch with us personally by going here.

We are excited for all the awesome information that we will be able to provide you and your friends for all of your gaming needs. Too many times are there people that get confused in a level somewhere and have no help. Worry no longer because Star Wars The Old Republic Credits is going to be the ultimate full guide for every aspect of the game. We will cover any and every aspect of the old republic.

Tomorrow we will drop the first post about swtor so stay posted.